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    Royal Review 

    Courtesy of Heelbook

    Courtesy of Heelbook

    So first match with my favorite and fan favorite Bryan Daneilson vs. Bray Wyatt was good. A few weird spots even a sort of botched hold by Daniel Bryan. It looked like he was going for a sharpshooter at first then maybe an Indian Deathlock then it sort of ended up being him standing in the ring with Bray’s legs around his leg. Not really locked in and not really amounting to anything. But the crowd didn’t care they still loved the match and cheered for him all the way up to the shock victory by Wyatt, a totally clean pin in the center of the ring at that!
    If I had to guess I’d say Bryan was distracted by the fact that he is the most popular guy in the company and instead of winning the rumble this year and main eventing Wrestlemania he is probably going to be in the under card. Boo this company for that.

    They went to a panel of Ric Flair (everyone says WOOOO), Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Everyone says HOOOO USA USA) and HBK ( crowd is dead, the guy next to me says “He ain’t get no pop!).

    Second match was Brock killing Big Show. Brock started up just pummeling Show’s face. The guys next to me started a Whup that Tric chant. I wonder if that will catch on at live shows. I hope so. This was just an assault and it was pretty awesome and did a great job of showing Brock is a monster. Only Big Show is awesome enough to take this sort of beating. It’s a reason he is one of my favorites the fact that he will put people over in such spectacular ways and yet he still maintains a monster status on the card. In many ways he’s taken up the mantel of Mick Foley, except his version of getting thrown off a cage is allowing you to dead-lift him to show off how strong you are.

    Cena vs. Orton. Everyone wanted this match to be over with as soon as it started. When Cena kicked out of the first RKO somebody yelled “ten more minutes “. It was pretty close but I didn’t keep the stop watch on for it. Fun moments when they traded finishers but it wasn’t enough to distract me from my chicken sandwich.

    FINALLY. Rumble time. Everyone who was gonna make it out was there. The place was packed with people when the match started. I thought about stretching my legs but there was no way I could stand up with out causing a mosh pit.

    People cheered for Punk and several people were cheering for Seth Rollins being the number 2 guy out. The Shield is popular and gaining momentum. Time to break it up.

    People popped for JBL and everyone loved his spot in the Rumble as comic relief. Kofi’s jump to the ring was great and went over well. I was the only one to try a Chikara chant when Brodie and Claudio err I mean Harper and Cesaro were brawling.

    The only other guy to really get a big pop at the bar was FAAAAANDAAAANNNNNGOOOOOOOO

    The Shield drama played out well. Ambrose is the most heel of the group and his over zealous attempt to eliminate Reigns was exactly how I pictured them breaking up. I just wish they’d have made it through one more Mania because I really enjoy 6-man tag matches.

    Batista’s entrance was lukewarm at the bar I was at. Which was surprising. People wanted to see him but they wanted him to come out and do his entrance with the pyro and all the showmanship because his matches aren’t what anyone cares about. If anyone wants to know why people were so disinterested in Batista winning despite returning after a 4 year absense and a ton of hype for his return here it is: He’s not that good in the ring. Right now I’d say he ranks just behind Power and Glory in 1990 and just ahead of Lex Luger 1995. Perhaps the truest statment to be uttered during CM Punks famous promo was “Vince McMahon is going to make money despite himself.” It’s true of the company and if you

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    The Hell with War. 

    HellfighersGreetings! Happy MLK Day to you all. I just finished this book a while back and thought I’d share something resembling a review with you.

    The Hellfighters of Harlem: African-American Soldiers Who Fought for the Right to Fight for Their Country by Bill Harris

    Why this book? If you wanted to know a little bit about African American Military history you would do well to pick this book up. The first half of the book deals with WWI and specifically the Harlem Hellfighters regiment and their story as well as the regimental band under the leadership of James Europe. It was Jim Europe who helped to lay some of the ground work for the music of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s as well as introduce Jazz to the people of France. While their may be books out there that go into greater depth, this serves as a solid introduction to African-American Military history.

    Desperate to prove the nickname was nothing more than ironic racism General Black Jack Pershing forbid the unit from serving. (Okay maybe that’s conjecture.) The unit drilled in a dancehall and on the streets of Harlem before going overseas and being assigned to fight alongside the French. The French re-outfitted the Hellfighters with French weapons and helmets and assisted in the final stages of their training.
    “Their distinguished WWI record featured the longest frontline service of any American regiment, and they were the first Allied unit to reach the Rhine River, with not one soldier captured or a foot of ground lost to the enemy.

    Their distinguished private, Henry Johnson, was awarded France’s prestigious Croix de Guerre, for single-handedly knocking out a platoon of twenty eight German troops.”


    The book is in two parts and the second part of the book (Other Times, Other Heroes) gives an overview of African-Americans fighting for America that deals mainly with the 2nd World War and the legacy of the Hellfighters and how that legacy is tied to Tuskegee Airmen as well as men fighting in Korea as the military desegregated. There are also a few anecdotes thrown in about the war of 1812, The Civil War, and the Revolutionary War. Admittedly this is where the structure of the book became muddled but much of the information laid out was old news to a history buff. The real gems in the book are in the 1st part (The Pride of Harlem) which in my opinion could have been much longer and much more thoroughly presented. Still for the first 100 pages this was a hard book to put down. And the heroes that formed the Hellfighters regiment were some of the coolest guys in the war. I mean look at this picture:

    Jim Europe and the 369th Regimental Band.

    Jim Europe and the 369th “Hellfighters” Band.

    The most interesting part of the book for me was reading about Jim Europe. How I, a history geek who was also once labeled a “budding Jazz freak” by Ron Cuzner, managed to live consciously for 30 years without knowing about Jim Europe is beyond me. Bill Harris included a nice bibliography of source material, some of which will be on my reading list this year as The November Criminals prepare for The Great War.

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    The G is Still for Greatness 

    The week after a Packers play off loss is usually a very depressing time.
    This is all about the week since then. It is a broken narrative. Be prepared. Also it may not be a narrative.

    The Brümeister has a bit of a tale to tell which involves my nearly attending the game myself and it just so happens that it is in this pod cast and that this podcast is also what cheered me up the most during the week.

    What’s a Segue? There are many things I do and am not paid for. This includes internet talk shows!

    Lo! hear the bitter note of educated poverty
    and note that I am no wandering monk
    but what was once a youthful soul crushed
    by the weight of life in a demand economy.

    Sorry where was I? Oh yes Riverwest Radio! We’ve applied for an LP FM so that when approved we will be able to broadcast on an FM station that covers the Riverwest neighborhood and maybe a bit more even. We’re mostly talk shows that stream live on riverwestradio.com but can now also be found on soundcloud and bambuser.
    My two shows are Burdock Radio and There Goes The Neighborhood. ( Ice T please don’t sue us! )
    The first show relates directly Burdock Magazine, which relates directly to how The November Criminals started. The second show… the one I linked above started over a year ago when it was myself, Nic Fury ( aka Furious X ) and Mario the Poet. Time passed Nic Fury moved on and was ostensibly replaced by Intern Jay. It was almost as if we had phased him into the show. The early shows may be hard to track down at this point and hopefully we’ll have a way to share them with everyone soon but trust me they are worth listening to…. well some of them are. There was one show where Nic Fury had to defend an attack by trolls from Media Trackers…. it’s like Isengard from the Lord of the Rings, but instead of Orcs that aren’t afraid of sunlight, it creates right wing internet trolls. They all briefly liked our Facebook page and left huge comment threads some of which have slowly over time have been deleted by the trolls themselves. Good times.

    But yeah there’s also a show on which I am an infrequent guest called Packerverse. Here are the two shows that I recently appeared on. One led up to the Bears game and the other leading up to the reason I’m writing this blog. A post I am writing at 8 am on a Sunday. I don’t care what happens from here on out since I’m a Packer fan and not quite an NFL fan. I mean, the team I support is an anomaly in the league if you know anything about how the league is run. Also our current QB really really likes women. Don’t we all? I mean really.

    I believe him but then I’ve been wrong before (see Ryan Braun). Nevertheless I have a theory on this statement. The first really was meant in the traditional sexual manner and the second really was meant as a male feminist. That’s right. Instead of being gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I suspect he might actually be a male feminist (which is pretty cool for an NFL QB if you think about it). In some ways it is much harder to come out about that because most guys who claim it are just doing it for the first really if you know what I mean. So they have to invent code language such as using words twice in a row.
    I had had a notion of this a while back, back when Aaron Rodgers started paling around with David Gruber. No this is before the it’s Aaron campaign. This was when they were awkwardly sitting on chairs talking about mandatory auto-insurance. Around that time he said his celebrity crush was Ellen.
    Ellen? I mean sure, she’s a handsome butch but her dancing suggests poor rhythm. Something a NFL QB would probably be on the look out for when selecting a celebrity crush ( crush is also a

    name for receivers that don’t play wide ). At first I thought it must be a signal that he was indeed gay but then I happened to see his appearance on the show. Watch it and tell me he didn’t help her win their little challenge. Some say chivalry is dead but I think it has evolved into something else. Call it an understanding. Why wouldn’t you come out and say this is something you are? Or that at least this is an idea if not an ideology you support? Well it’s complicated but it could be a range of reasons. Something something Joni Mitchell blah blah blah and in the end in fact sometimes it’s best not to say you are something if you aren’t always in a position to do the work involved with claiming the label.

    I really really need carboys.

    I really really need this.



    I don’t run around calling myself something I’m not. I mean I brewed beer once at home! I will again. I just need to get some carboys. I really really need carboys.


    NOW on to other business. Flair! I know you were in Green Bay last week. You thought you’d slip in and give a pep talk and maybe slide a few green backs into your wallet. And guess what? It worked. You talked ’em into winning when they shouldn’t have won. But now NOW! people have turned against you. And you want to say it’s nothing personal, you say you’re backing a team of winners but all you’re doin’ brother is doin’ exactly what those people that team is named after did. You’re digging for gold! That’s right! 16 times 17 times a champion in the sport of Professional Wrestling and what have you got? A couple of divorces and a legacy in shambles because you did what you should never do! You turned you’re back on your own hometown! And now they’re sendin’ death threats! THAT’S HARD TIMES!

    Besides I know a real champion when I meet one!

    The American Dragon Bryan Danielson AKA Danial Bryan & The Brumeister

    The American Dragon Bryan Danielson ( AKA Danial Bryan ) &  The Brümeister

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    New Year’s is Deadman’s To Me 

    So what does a Polka/Rap artist do on New Year’s Eve? He’s a stagehand for the Deadman’s Carnival of course!
    For a number of years I’ve had the good fortune of tending bar during the Carnival’s NYE shows. I say good fortune because it was a nice way to earn February’s rent as well as hang around scantily dressed burlesque clowns…. I have very specific tastes apparently. Over the years I’ve witnessed some of the ups and downs of Milwaukee’s finest variety showcase, including the fire in the Miramar that forced the group into Riverside Park which turned into a really good outdoor show on a hot July evening. Just two months before that yours truly along with his trusty partners in Polka Hip Hop, Spade ONE and NTSC, got to open the show with our song AHOY! 21087_10151492609129145_1051370126_n
    As you can see by the picture we were dressed to kill (and commit acts of piracy). The Magnificents gave us something special in not only playing our song with us but adding their own unique flourishes and members of the cast got involved for a rollicking opening song.

    Later on we were in the Star Wars sketch and I made my acting debut as Chewbacca where I dry humped a burlesque dancer while choking Luke who later retaliated by facefucking me with his light saber. Did things get out of hand? Maybe. Did everyone have a good time? I like to think so.

    With hot action like that its no wonder The November Criminals returned for the Day of the Dead show at The Astor Hotel to play The Real Ghostbusters in the outgoing sketch. Did we remember all our lines? Maybe. Did everyone have a good time? I like to think so.

    When I learned that one of Pinkerton’s dreams was coming true, specifically playing the Oriental Theater, and that the New Year’s Eve show was therefore NOT going to be at the Miramar I let him know that there was no place I’d rather be than with the cast and crew carrying a puppet elephant through the tradesman’s entrance next to Ma Fischer’s.

    Once we got everything loaded in we all had to hurry up and wait while the Oriental fulfilled its obligations and ran the 8pm movie. And so it was I lost track of time in the green room where 20 or so carnies took turns shushing each other so as not to incur the wrath of disgruntled film buffs. I stained my T-shirt eating a taco. I got sick on mint Oreos. I drank water. Forgot about the stomach ache, had another Oreo and I figured out in that moment what my New Year’s resolution might be. The show went on as only  a Deadman’s show can and everyone pushed through and did justice to their craft. The fact that most of them did it on little to no sleep only added to the sense of admiration I have for the folks who work for weeks at a time practicing and planning and coordinating to bring a few hours of fun into the lives of people who long for the sense of effort, conviction and abandon that comes with live variety acts.

    I rang in 2014 trying my best to project confetti and balloons past the already covered front row patrons and  when the last big chunks of staging were loaded into the van and I heaved myself into the van next to Pinkerton and I had to admit this was one of the better New Year’s Eves I’ve had.


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    Happy New Year’s!!! 2014!!!
    November Criminals has some Things Cookin’ for 2014!!!
    Last Year was a Blast!!! The Deadmans Carnival Shows was The Top Of SPADE ONE’s List for most Fun!!! Tuesday Open Mic 10th Anniversary Was Amazing!!! Poet’s Monday OH Yes!!! Uber Tap Room/ Cheese Mart….BEER!!!!! Thank You All!!! Happy New Year!!!!
    ONE LOVE!!!

    WHOOOOO 2014 Happy New Year!!!

    WHOOOOO 2014
    Happy New Year!!!

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