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    Riverwest Radio on May 9th 

    We as a group support Riverwest Radio and the right to a platform for those voices not yet heard. We are scheduled to play in the 3PM hour (hosted by There Goes the Neighborhood) at the upcoming Fundraiser Marathon. All performers are asked to raise a minimum of $25 toward the building of a FM tower for the station.  Anyone who would like to pledge to support Riverwest Radio can do so on their website via paypal. If you’ve read this far you may have the patience to write in the comment box of your paypal donation that it is for The November Criminals. We thank you again for your support!

    We'll be playing in the 3 to 4pm hour on May 9th at Riverwest Radio

    We’ll be playing in the 3 to 4pm hour on May 9th at Riverwest Radio



    So there I was reading this article where Trent Reznor and Robert Smith talk about the Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Psychocandy’ and of course it was really just a summary of a video clip. But it got me thinking about the nature of music and how and when changes occur in music that continue to be relevant. The article opens up with the sentence “A lot of now-classic albums have grown into their reputations over the course of years or decades” and goes on to spell out what makes it so for this album. It dawned on me that a lot of “sound” is merely varying fashion. But there is a difference between fashion and style.  What makes the latest fashion the style?
    Part of it is the relevance to the listener. The way music informs the person hearing it. Most people want music that makes them dance. The dances become a part of the fashion, the way the body moves and sways or pops and locks or twerks and dry humps becomes relevant to the music and then relevant to the fashion of the listener.Lyrics for some exist only to fill a void. To put a human touch on a sonic experience that we sometimes pretend to be other worldly. If the lyrics command a contrasting disposition to the music then we can even ignore them if the voice matches the music. BUT if the contrasts are too great it forces us into the uncomfortable position of active listening.
    If there is a message that vibes with us we may go back to it. If there is something that makes us uncomfortable then we reject it.
    Rejection of a sound or of music is as much a part of fashion as the dances we perform. What we actively reject says as much about us as what we embrace. When a musical artist (or a musician, or a band, or a composer, or a poet) sparks controversy it is usually because they have created an equal amount of supporters and detractors.

    Support is defined in many ways. It is measured by money, esteem, praise and circulation or word of mouth. Detractors are obstructionists who work to actively prevent any of these from reaching the band.

    As we enter the next phase of The November Criminals project we thank everyone who has supported us so far. Whether we are ever going to be “fashionable” is not for us to decide. But no one can say we lack style!


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    7 Trivia Crack Questions You Won’t See Anytime Soon 

    Number 5 of the 7....

    Number 5 of the 7….

    1) How you Doing?
    a. pretty good
    b. Awesome!
    c. Que?
    d. Back off I’m playing Trivia Crack

    Each band is subject to obstacles. Every artist who believes in their art is bound to encounter a wide range of problems from personal tragedy to something as simplistically impossible as writer’s block. But what do we do to overcome apathy?

    2) A group later named “The Glover Mob” stormed a city jail and freed a run away slave in which state?
    a. Indiana
    b. Massachusetts
    c. Missouri
    d. Wisconsin

    As much as we choose our futures by a series of decisions that happen real time with unknown consequences; so too are we empowered by our pasts. History is never perfect. But if you know where you stand you know what to look for.

    3) In what country is the School of the Americas located?
    a. Chile
    b. Argentina
    c. U.S.A.
    d. Cuba

    Fear is a raw emotion. Only when it is refined and distilled by politics does it become repression.

    4) Polka is the official dance of what state?
    a. Texas
    b. Wisconsin
    c. Pennsylvania
    d. Minnesota

    Positive energy is universal. Celebration of the universal, however, can take many forms.

    Here we jump ahead. What do our leaders say about us? Are those in authority worthy of our respect?

    6) Which Wisconsin politician said single mothers are guilty of child abuse?
    a. Scott Walker
    b. Paul Ryan
    c. Glenn Grothman
    d. Joe McCarthy

    We learn from history. But what we learn is based on perception as much as information. Do we understand we are not perfect? Do we allow for others to succeed where we fall short? How do we react?

    7) The only country to ban mustard gas in World War One was?
    a. Russia
    b. Austro-Hungarian Empire
    c. U.S.A.
    d. Germany

    Unspoken reality is that sometimes the enemy is right. Sometimes the enemy was never meant to be an enemy. Sometimes only pride keeps a conflict alive. This is why while we value pride it is in reality a sin.


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    Spring is Sprunk: April & May 

    Just because I can…..!

    I figured I’d post a little bit about some upcoming events that I (Bru) and The November Criminals will be a part of.
    I was recently the opener for an event at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts on Center Street. I read some of my own poems and some stuff from various assorted issues of Burdock magazine. I also got to host Poets Monday on April 6th as the usual host had come down with a case of going to San Francisco. The feature was my good friend Mario the Poet. His competition was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals featuring some guys in Wisconsin jerseys from Madison. Needless to say the turnout was heavy on the poets and light on the non-poets. Still a good crowd turned up to share in the moment.
    Coming up on what I’m calling Poetic Promenades:

    April 18th, 2pm at Woodland Pattern “Poets of Riverwest Radio”

    April 22nd, 7pm at Microlights Ineluctable Place hosted by Mike Hauser w/ Susan Firer & Keith Gaustad

    April 25th, 2pm at Milwaukee Public Library – East Branch Celebrate Poetry in Your Community

    Nov Criminals rocking the 1st Empower the Tower in 2013

    Nov Criminals rocking the 1st Empower the Tower in 2013

    BUT THEN on May 9th, the day before Mother’s Day,
    Empower the Tower returns to Riverwest Radio! The November Criminals will be in the 3pm hour hosted by There Goes the Neighborhood!
    IF you’d like to sponsor our time please contact Riverwest Radio or just show up and pay 5 bucks at the door to support the station as it strives toward LPFM broadcasting.

    Now if you are all like “Hey there’s a lot of Bru’s stuff here. What about the other guys?” Well you can find out more for SPADE ONE here and NTSC here.  Tell them to start blogging 😉

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