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  • Brümeister 3:46 pm on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    The Warrior Class and What It Means To Be NonViolent In A Time Of Violence 


    Not right away but pretty soon I’m gonna start my 80s Hideaway: Movies and Music blogs. I think the motive will revolve around cultural and sub-cultural artifacts that I encountered growing up that faded away only to have either a resurgence or become verifiable canon, even if it is just in my own little corner of the universe.

    BUT that day is not today. First I need to have that constant companion that writers have had for over one hundred years, a keyboard! Thankfully, this is being hammered out on a borrowed laptop but since Rona hit and the library has become a less than reliable place to catch two hours on a tower I figure I’ll be a patient lad. I believe I will soon have something of my own up and running and then I with any luck this blog will have a few hyper links here and there for you to find my writing.


    Last week was my final day with Wisconsin’s Political Talk Network. I was laid off on National Radio Day not as a gag, nobody keeps track of when National Radio Day actually is. It was also the final day of the DNC and there was no incoming help to the progressive talk network. Joe Biden and the Dems were not gonna save my job. Probably because of all those times I teased having voted for Jill Stein even though I really voted for Vermin Supreme ( I want a pony). Actually, it was probably all those time I didn’t bother to say I would #VoteBlueNoMatterWho BECAUSE THAT IS HOW WE GOT HERE!

    Even as I write this it’s still unreal to me that a network that had just begun to turn a corner in terms of profit and more and more new listeners were checking in to the flagship show AND Earl Ingram had won 2nd place in the Morning Show Category AND Maggie Daun had won best interview! Heck I even produced that segment.

    However in the end it was not enough to keep my part time position afloat and the station moved its headquarters to its Madison studio. I helped disassemble stacks of equipment and load up the hatchback SUV owned by the station’s head wizard Fancy Bryan. It was him I asked “If you were in my shoes what would be your next step?” To which he soundly and reasonably replied “Sorry, I wasn’t listening.” BUT after I repeated myself he even more reasonably said: “Apply everywhere to work as a board operator and see who is hiring.” So in between paragraphs I am filing for unemployment and redrafting my resume.

    It’s the adult thing to do I suppose. As a newly self-recognized adult I did both those things and I also allow myself to recognize this is all due to the Coronavirus and our collective response to it. I worked the phones at liberal talk radio station and I know exactly how the right thinks. I mean I gave a bit of my back story on Earl’s Saturday show a few weeks back and gave even more when I hosted for him with an hour’s notice due to family emergency and put together 4 stellar interviews. (check the resume)

    Written on 8/25/2020

  • Brümeister 4:10 am on March 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Revelation w/ Cheese 

    The Corona Wars.
    Inspired by the ammo runs at gun stores.

    All you heavily armed folks from the WOW counties are now designated as the WOW County Raiders (after the Lemoyne Raiders not the Vegas Raiders).
    We are the MKE Rainbow Punch. Our logo is a big fist painted with a swirl of skin tones.
    Our first skirmish will be over the overturned cheese truck on I43.
    Unless they clean it up.

    Our leader will be Milverine.

    Yours is Glenn Grothman.

    Our greatest battle will be on the site of the old Lawsonian Institute near Foxconn after a series of flanking maneuvers brought our armies south.
    Whereuopn our chants led by Coo Coo Cal and Mario summon the cloud form of Emil Seidel to battle a giant Voltron version of Joe McCarthy piloted by Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, and Scott Walker.

    Walker refuses to wear the federally mandated seat belt and falls out of the giant robot’s ear ending that part of the fight. Still the battle is not going well as the Rainbow Punch suffers under the blockade around the city. All hope is lost for the Punch when the suddenly the ghostly figures of the Wisconsin’s fallen soldiers since 1848 appear riding a ghost train from Madison led pulled by Fred Risser on a magically restored/converted Allis Chalmers tractor named Fighting Bob. The Iron Brigade walk through the hail of WOW Raider bullets and bayonet half the Raiders sparing only the ones that weren’t wearing confederate flag. And the angry spirits of our departed World War 2 soldiers destroy the Raiders wearing Nazi or other white power emblems. With it’s main force depleted the Raiders retreat north figuring to shelter at Lambeau field but the elite Gold Package troops hem them in. The last of the Raiders retreat to their capitol at Holy Hill where they pray for guidance and intercession from Father Groppi who instructs them to surrender to the State Poet Laureate.

    A celebration of peace occurs on Vel Phillips Avenue. Thus a new festival is born to the state of Wisconsin.

    Walking through the mists of a city in quarantine. This vision came in the fog of March, translated in ashes on the East Side, while Motörhead was on shuffle.
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