Twenty Twenty: The Year of Hindsight and Vision.

World War One battlefield as seen today.

We have entered a NEW YEAR! There have been looks back galore recently. Year end lists, best of the decade lists, 30 year anniversaries, golden jubilees
and centennials and for all those lists and markers there are rebuttals and protests. Amendments and arguments. What keeps them relevant is the how we use the past. That’s been a working theme for our band since its inception. I’d love to tell you we are cranking away at the next album but the old difficulties rear their heads. Scheduling conflicts, new creative interests, and good old writers block all contribute in their own fashion. I’m hopeful that we will make our way to see fit to start the next big project this year and that it will be on par with our last two releases.
In the meanwhile I have to ask myself: what am I doing to contribute?

PolkaHipHop’s my contribution This is not despite the immanent threats of war, climate change, genocide, nuclear holocaust, racial tension, political indifference, and even reckless driving… no it is because of them. The creative expression utilized in this project varies in its aims depending upon the factors in the lives of each member.
Speaking for myself, the struggle to make art has felt like a losing effort as the grinding indifference of economics overpowers the optimism of the “starving artist”. Hunger or deprivation of any of those basic needs forces the hand eventually and soon you find yourself splitting your week between three jobs. The grind is exhausting. You tell yourself if there is one thing I will allow myself it is to make time for X project. But when that X is reliant upon coordination of time between people also under the same burden of constant work and family needs well then you watch it all drift away into the promise of the future. That’s why bands monetize themselves and focus so hard on branding. It creates a sustainable work/life environment.
We’ve had so much support here in the last 8 years that we didn’t think we’d get that we put our aspirations out in front and shared them with you all on each release by naming the next project. So what will The Wild Wiemar be? Well, personally, my ideas keep shifting around.
On the one hand, I’d like to see more collaborations with other artists in the city to create some new sounds. It is a record after all, and we can do whatever we want to there. On the other hand it may not be the best idea to try to work with a bunch of new people when the core group is struggling to meet up! Practical vs impractical etc…

As far as what I’m thinking…well we have a lot of lyrical content right now. For sound we’ve talked in the past about mixing more influences into the sound than just the two genres. NTSC has always been a big advocate for ska and introduced me to some ska that I actually like. Spade ONE, KC 2 tha Beat, and Bass Face Mike Ritter have been discussing mixing up something dnb style Some of the things I’ve been listening to have been more on the low-fi end of the spectrum but how would that translate lyrically? There’s a lot to answer for but that is just the hip hop element? We gotta bring the Polka! We are after all the Best Polka Band in Wisconsin, right?

Our next show is Jan. 26, 3:30pm at Cafe Lulu in Milwaukee’s Bayview neighborhood.