7 Trivia Crack Questions You Won’t See Anytime Soon

Number 5 of the 7....

Number 5 of the 7….

1) How you Doing?
a. pretty good
b. Awesome!
c. Que?
d. Back off I’m playing Trivia Crack

Each band is subject to obstacles. Every artist who believes in their art is bound to encounter a wide range of problems from personal tragedy to something as simplistically impossible as writer’s block. But what do we do to overcome apathy?

2) A group later named “The Glover Mob” stormed a city jail and freed a run away slave in which state?
a. Indiana
b. Massachusetts
c. Missouri
d. Wisconsin

As much as we choose our futures by a series of decisions that happen real time with unknown consequences; so too are we empowered by our pasts. History is never perfect. But if you know where you stand you know what to look for.

3) In what country is the School of the Americas located?
a. Chile
b. Argentina
c. U.S.A.
d. Cuba

Fear is a raw emotion. Only when it is refined and distilled by politics does it become repression.

4) Polka is the official dance of what state?
a. Texas
b. Wisconsin
c. Pennsylvania
d. Minnesota

Positive energy is universal. Celebration of the universal, however, can take many forms.

Here we jump ahead. What do our leaders say about us? Are those in authority worthy of our respect?

6) Which Wisconsin politician said single mothers are guilty of child abuse?
a. Scott Walker
b. Paul Ryan
c. Glenn Grothman
d. Joe McCarthy

We learn from history. But what we learn is based on perception as much as information. Do we understand we are not perfect? Do we allow for others to succeed where we fall short? How do we react?

7) The only country to ban mustard gas in World War One was?
a. Russia
b. Austro-Hungarian Empire
c. U.S.A.
d. Germany

Unspoken reality is that sometimes the enemy is right. Sometimes the enemy was never meant to be an enemy. Sometimes only pride keeps a conflict alive. This is why while we value pride it is in reality a sin.