Christmas Recap

It’s been an awesome year for The November Criminals and a pretty good one for the Brumeister. (How the hell do I get umlauts on a borrowed mac?)

Christmas is always my favorite time of year. This year for whatever reason I was waking up every day the week leading up to Christmas and singing the phrase “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS” Miss Piggy style. letters_bonus_piggy Not sure if I was getting myself hyped up or it was a side effect of already being hyped up but it led to a problem right away. Beyond “seven swans a swimming” I couldn’t remember the right order of the song. How many Lords were leaping? What’s the proper number of pipers piping? I couldn’t remember and I don’t have a smart phone (because NSA) so it remained a mystery.

If the NSA really DID want to know where I was on Christmas Eve they need only tune in to PBS or WISN (or so we were told) because for the first time in years Mass at St. John’s Cathedral was filmed for broadcast. Not sure if it was live or not but either way I guess that’s the Francis effect everyone is talking about. During the Homily the Arch Bishop reflected that so many of our treasured holiday movies contain messages of hope. A Christmas Carol taught us the joys of a generous soul, It’s A Wonderful Life taught us that we are all interconnected and that a life well lived is more important than one spent in pursuit of riches, and Die Hard teaches us not to take our shoes off when visiting a new place on Christmas. Okay maybe not that last one but I think that can be important.

The drive home nearly solved the mystery of The 12 Days of Christmas if I hadn’t been to busy laughing at Beaker’s voice in the version on the radio. We nearly went in the ditch during the treacherous trip north.

The next morning really didn’t feel like morning since I couldn’t sleep just an extension of the drive home. If I had been this tall when I was a kid I’d-a-had no problem staying up all night to see Santa because there aren’t many couches I can sleep on.

Presents! I think my cat got more gifts than I did, at least by weight, since giant bags of litter and kibble were in the cache of cat items (And if you include a Duck Dynasty manicure set, which I will undoubtedly use to trim the cat’s nails). My sister even made a personalized bowl for the little property destroying creature! I’ve noticed that as a person ages the practical gifts are as enjoyable to receive as the fun ones as a lined flannel shirt and a pair of winter boots made my day. (Along with the hand knit scarf I got earlier last week)! But I had a nice laugh when I opened a gift that turned out to be this:


The only words I uttered were “even though I’m in my 30s I’m pretty sure Legos are still an acceptable gift”. Okay in writing that seems pretty declarative. But I’m sure I said it with some degree of irony. Of course there was no irony when I opened the box. I freely admit I have not matured since the box clearly says ages 8 – 14. Whatever! Lego Maniacs never die they just stop being able to afford new sets.

But Christmas is not about getting (and Jesus) it is about giving (and Jesus)! But then I think listing all that stuff off would either be bragging or it would reveal just how much of a cheap bastard I can truly be.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!