Criminally Under-Reported: Top 5

In case you missed it here’s a Top 5 THINGS WE DID IN 2017  

The nomination for best of 2017 as it appeared in print.

Honorable mentions include, being guests on Sessions With Sandy, Submitting to NPR’s Tiny Desk contest, playing Bonk! again (Hot Shop Glass is awesome BTW and so is Olde Madrid!), being nominated for best Hip Hop/Rap group in the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee, playing Circle A for the first time, getting rained out but still playing Summerfest‘s 50th anniversary AND the Rebel Stage’s 10th anniversary, and getting a nice write up by Milwaukee Record!

5) First time in Madison and first time on WORT

The front of WORT in Madison

While we’ve played on WXRW Riverwest Radio during two of their fundraisers and even had interview time on WMSE, along with our music getting what some would say is overdue airtime, this is the first time we’ve been on the radio as a live featured performance to help highlight our show that night. NOT ONLY THAT but we did a call in interview leading up to the show which was edited down and used in the news leading up to the show! No really! You can listen to that here. We made a bunch of new friends (like The Periodicals ) and discovered that we really need to be playing in Madison more!


4) Our first official video! 

Have you seen it? NO!?! Well let’s fix that.

Filmed in one day and edited in a couple weeks we felt the need to have something out there for people to point to and say “that, that is what they look like.” Seriously it was fun to do and we hope to do more of them in 2018 as we get ready to put out The Black Hand EP and The Wild Wild Weimar!

3) The Milwaukee Polka Riot! 

This was huge.

The riot crowd prior to our sound check!

The work, the hype (like this article from the Milwaukee Record), the investments, and all of the sacrifices one makes to put together a festival paid off in a big way. The vision was to have as many polka-fusion bands and alternative polka bands in one place for a night to show that these groups not only have a fan base but also can put on a hell of a show, like the Polkaholics, and are not just niche musical sideshow acts. The high turn out breathed life into a scene that nobody knew existed. If you were there you saw people head banging to Cheese of the Goat, & waltzing, drinking & smiling, and enjoying music they never heard or some cases never thought possible!



2) The Great War is released 

When we began recording in fall of 2016 the presidential election hadn’t happened yet but the year had already been such an emotional one for music lovers. It was a cold and difficult winter as Trump was inaugurated and protested. We kept our minds on our work but kept our ears open and channeled our energy into an album we can really be proud of. While it may not be the most reviewed album of the year… it is the only #PolkaHipHop album of the year! And it available on a ton of platforms! NapsteriTunesSpotify Etc… it’s out there… Tell people and spread the word so we can come play by you and not have to run another indiegogo type thing!


1) Dontre Day

When a call was put out for artists, musicians, and poets to participate in Dontre Day I immediately thought it was a good fit and fortunately so did the organizers. When the event was moved from the site of the tragedy to All People’s Church it took on a more intimate vibe. To adjust for the setting we avoided cussing when possible. While we did not know Dontre or the Hamilton family personally we were all pleased that our participation was received in the spirit in which it was intended as one of unity, awareness, and dialogue. It will hold a special place for us as a band and for me personally.


Thanks for reading this whole thing! And thanks for supporting us! Help us make 2018 even better!

Photo by Steve Greentree