Royal Review

Courtesy of Heelbook

Courtesy of Heelbook

So first match with my favorite and fan favorite Bryan Daneilson vs. Bray Wyatt was good. A few weird spots even a sort of botched hold by Daniel Bryan. It looked like he was going for a sharpshooter at first then maybe an Indian Deathlock then it sort of ended up being him standing in the ring with Bray’s legs around his leg. Not really locked in and not really amounting to anything. But the crowd didn’t care they still loved the match and cheered for him all the way up to the shock victory by Wyatt, a totally clean pin in the center of the ring at that!
If I had to guess I’d say Bryan was distracted by the fact that he is the most popular guy in the company and instead of winning the rumble this year and main eventing Wrestlemania he is probably going to be in the under card. Boo this company for that.

They went to a panel of Ric Flair (everyone says WOOOO), Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Everyone says HOOOO USA USA) and HBK ( crowd is dead, the guy next to me says “He ain’t get no pop!).

Second match was Brock killing Big Show. Brock started up just pummeling Show’s face. The guys next to me started a Whup that Tric chant. I wonder if that will catch on at live shows. I hope so. This was just an assault and it was pretty awesome and did a great job of showing Brock is a monster. Only Big Show is awesome enough to take this sort of beating. It’s a reason he is one of my favorites the fact that he will put people over in such spectacular ways and yet he still maintains a monster status on the card. In many ways he’s taken up the mantel of Mick Foley, except his version of getting thrown off a cage is allowing you to dead-lift him to show off how strong you are.

Cena vs. Orton. Everyone wanted this match to be over with as soon as it started. When Cena kicked out of the first RKO somebody yelled “ten more minutes “. It was pretty close but I didn’t keep the stop watch on for it. Fun moments when they traded finishers but it wasn’t enough to distract me from my chicken sandwich.

FINALLY. Rumble time. Everyone who was gonna make it out was there. The place was packed with people when the match started. I thought about stretching my legs but there was no way I could stand up with out causing a mosh pit.

People cheered for Punk and several people were cheering for Seth Rollins being the number 2 guy out. The Shield is popular and gaining momentum. Time to break it up.

People popped for JBL and everyone loved his spot in the Rumble as comic relief. Kofi’s jump to the ring was great and went over well. I was the only one to try a Chikara chant when Brodie and Claudio err I mean Harper and Cesaro were brawling.

The only other guy to really get a big pop at the bar was FAAAAANDAAAANNNNNGOOOOOOOO

The Shield drama played out well. Ambrose is the most heel of the group and his over zealous attempt to eliminate Reigns was exactly how I pictured them breaking up. I just wish they’d have made it through one more Mania because I really enjoy 6-man tag matches.

Batista’s entrance was lukewarm at the bar I was at. Which was surprising. People wanted to see him but they wanted him to come out and do his entrance with the pyro and all the showmanship because his matches aren’t what anyone cares about. If anyone wants to know why people were so disinterested in Batista winning despite returning after a 4 year absense and a ton of hype for his return here it is: He’s not that good in the ring. Right now I’d say he ranks just behind Power and Glory in 1990 and just ahead of Lex Luger 1995. Perhaps the truest statment to be uttered during CM Punks famous promo was “Vince McMahon is going to make money despite himself.” It’s true of the company and if you