Spring is Sprunk: April & May

Just because I can…..!

I figured I’d post a little bit about some upcoming events that I (Bru) and The November Criminals will be a part of.
I was recently the opener for an event at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts on Center Street. I read some of my own poems and some stuff from various assorted issues of Burdock magazine. I also got to host Poets Monday on April 6th as the usual host had come down with a case of going to San Francisco. The feature was my good friend Mario the Poet. His competition was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals featuring some guys in Wisconsin jerseys from Madison. Needless to say the turnout was heavy on the poets and light on the non-poets. Still a good crowd turned up to share in the moment.
Coming up on what I’m calling Poetic Promenades:

April 18th, 2pm at Woodland Pattern “Poets of Riverwest Radio”

April 22nd, 7pm at Microlights Ineluctable Place hosted by Mike Hauser w/ Susan Firer & Keith Gaustad

April 25th, 2pm at Milwaukee Public Library – East Branch Celebrate Poetry in Your Community

Nov Criminals rocking the 1st Empower the Tower in 2013

Nov Criminals rocking the 1st Empower the Tower in 2013

BUT THEN on May 9th, the day before Mother’s Day,
Empower the Tower returns to Riverwest Radio! The November Criminals will be in the 3pm hour hosted by There Goes the Neighborhood!
IF you’d like to sponsor our time please contact Riverwest Radio or just show up and pay 5 bucks at the door to support the station as it strives toward LPFM broadcasting.

Now if you are all like “Hey there’s a lot of Bru’s stuff here. What about the other guys?” Well you can find out more for SPADE ONE here and NTSC here.  Tell them to start blogging 😉