The G is Still for Greatness

The week after a Packers play off loss is usually a very depressing time.
This is all about the week since then. It is a broken narrative. Be prepared. Also it may not be a narrative.

The Brümeister has a bit of a tale to tell which involves my nearly attending the game myself and it just so happens that it is in this pod cast and that this podcast is also what cheered me up the most during the week.

What’s a Segue? There are many things I do and am not paid for. This includes internet talk shows!

Lo! hear the bitter note of educated poverty
and note that I am no wandering monk
but what was once a youthful soul crushed
by the weight of life in a demand economy.

Sorry where was I? Oh yes Riverwest Radio! We’ve applied for an LP FM so that when approved we will be able to broadcast on an FM station that covers the Riverwest neighborhood and maybe a bit more even. We’re mostly talk shows that stream live on but can now also be found on soundcloud and bambuser.
My two shows are Burdock Radio and There Goes The Neighborhood. ( Ice T please don’t sue us! )
The first show relates directly Burdock Magazine, which relates directly to how The November Criminals started. The second show… the one I linked above started over a year ago when it was myself, Nic Fury ( aka Furious X ) and Mario the Poet. Time passed Nic Fury moved on and was ostensibly replaced by Intern Jay. It was almost as if we had phased him into the show. The early shows may be hard to track down at this point and hopefully we’ll have a way to share them with everyone soon but trust me they are worth listening to…. well some of them are. There was one show where Nic Fury had to defend an attack by trolls from Media Trackers…. it’s like Isengard from the Lord of the Rings, but instead of Orcs that aren’t afraid of sunlight, it creates right wing internet trolls. They all briefly liked our Facebook page and left huge comment threads some of which have slowly over time have been deleted by the trolls themselves. Good times.

But yeah there’s also a show on which I am an infrequent guest called Packerverse. Here are the two shows that I recently appeared on. One led up to the Bears game and the other leading up to the reason I’m writing this blog. A post I am writing at 8 am on a Sunday. I don’t care what happens from here on out since I’m a Packer fan and not quite an NFL fan. I mean, the team I support is an anomaly in the league if you know anything about how the league is run. Also our current QB really really likes women. Don’t we all? I mean really.

I believe him but then I’ve been wrong before (see Ryan Braun). Nevertheless I have a theory on this statement. The first really was meant in the traditional sexual manner and the second really was meant as a male feminist. That’s right. Instead of being gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I suspect he might actually be a male feminist (which is pretty cool for an NFL QB if you think about it). In some ways it is much harder to come out about that because most guys who claim it are just doing it for the first really if you know what I mean. So they have to invent code language such as using words twice in a row.
I had had a notion of this a while back, back when Aaron Rodgers started paling around with David Gruber. No this is before the it’s Aaron campaign. This was when they were awkwardly sitting on chairs talking about mandatory auto-insurance. Around that time he said his celebrity crush was Ellen.
Ellen? I mean sure, she’s a handsome butch but her dancing suggests poor rhythm. Something a NFL QB would probably be on the look out for when selecting a celebrity crush ( crush is also a

name for receivers that don’t play wide ). At first I thought it must be a signal that he was indeed gay but then I happened to see his appearance on the show. Watch it and tell me he didn’t help her win their little challenge. Some say chivalry is dead but I think it has evolved into something else. Call it an understanding. Why wouldn’t you come out and say this is something you are? Or that at least this is an idea if not an ideology you support? Well it’s complicated but it could be a range of reasons. Something something Joni Mitchell blah blah blah and in the end in fact sometimes it’s best not to say you are something if you aren’t always in a position to do the work involved with claiming the label.

I really really need carboys.

I really really need this.



I don’t run around calling myself something I’m not. I mean I brewed beer once at home! I will again. I just need to get some carboys. I really really need carboys.


NOW on to other business. Flair! I know you were in Green Bay last week. You thought you’d slip in and give a pep talk and maybe slide a few green backs into your wallet. And guess what? It worked. You talked ’em into winning when they shouldn’t have won. But now NOW! people have turned against you. And you want to say it’s nothing personal, you say you’re backing a team of winners but all you’re doin’ brother is doin’ exactly what those people that team is named after did. You’re digging for gold! That’s right! 16 times 17 times a champion in the sport of Professional Wrestling and what have you got? A couple of divorces and a legacy in shambles because you did what you should never do! You turned you’re back on your own hometown! And now they’re sendin’ death threats! THAT’S HARD TIMES!

Besides I know a real champion when I meet one!

The American Dragon Bryan Danielson AKA Danial Bryan & The Brumeister

The American Dragon Bryan Danielson ( AKA Danial Bryan ) &  The Brümeister