Tour Retrospective

I’ll add more in later posts as I recall specific events and after I’ve had time to ruminate on it more, but I wanted to swing by and say a few things about the trip and the recent shows we’ve played.

Superior Wisconsin is a beautiful, industrial, blue collar place filled with good people who really come out to support local music. It was a blast playing there! The trip up was pretty kooky, and tiring, but I was thankful that BrĂ¼ was able to take over half of the driving duties.

When you’re stuck with the same guys for a few days in a tiny car with no air conditioning and no radio, you learn a lot of things about each other. I can say, unequivocally, that my band mates are all heart. They’re funny, brilliant, insightful, goofy and all around loving guys. They give their blood, sweat and tears to everything they do, and I’m privileged and improved to know them and perform with them.

We’ll return soon enough. Until then, thanks to everyone that came out to see us! PROST!