We’re a week away from our CD release…

We’re a week away from our CD release! Of course we’ll be there but I thought I’d do a few posts leading into the show about the other groups playing that night.
Melatomica consists of two people Tomica and Melica.

Legendary Forest Dwellers: Melatomica

Legendary Forest Dwellers: Melatomica

I don’t remember how we met so I will make something up.
Years ago before the recession when I was a billionaire I was walking my pet fox, Luminary, along the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Suddenly! A strange noise startled Luminary and she bolted into the forest. I called out “LUMINARY!” over and over but all I heard was the noise… a sort of metallic honk, like a duck cyborg: A harmonica! As I walked toward the noise I heard a bass guitar playing a line that seemed to add to the mystery of my lost fox.

Then I came to a glen.

“what is that music?” I asked Glen.


“That? That’s Melatomica! Tomica loops his beatboxing and harmonica and sings over it while Melica plays bass and wears killer boots. They are awesome!”

I never found Luminary but I found Melatomica! Come to the Public House and find them for yourself!