The Brümeister (Keith Gaustad) grew up with hip hop and polka on WTKM. He holds the titles of founder and de facto Generalissimo of The November Criminals.

In 2011, he gathered a collection of artists for the 10th edition of his seasonal poem anthology series, Burdock Magazine. From that collaboration would spawn a band the likes of which nobody had ever seen.

Not content spitting rhymes, playing clarinet and tending bar, he is a man of many talents. His chapbook, High Art and Love Poems was published in 2012, he currently hosts the talk radio show, There Goes the Neighborhood on WXRW, Riverwest Radio, as well as producing multiple shows for WRRD, Resistance Radio.
Spade One
Spade One (Tahrim Tatum) was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where his love of hip-hop first bloomed in 1987 and led to performing in 1989. His style mixes elements of Reggae and Dancehall, both of which influence him musically and culturally.

Over the years he has opened for A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Cappadonna, Natty Nation, Mike Jones and many others. An integral member of the America's largest drum n' bass collective, MIA, he is the most prolific emcee of the group, with myriad CDs under his belt and many more in the works.

Besides being a pillar in Milwaukee's hip hop community, he is a booker, promoter, entertainer and security specialist without equal.
NTSC (Evan Maruszewski) rounds out the group as the third emcee, primary producer, visual designer and award-winning melodeon player. He has been playing the diatonic accordion since 1996, falling in love first with zydeco and cajun music and eventually graduating to full-fledged polka.

He is an illustrator, animator, editor, developer, CAD modeler, game designer and electronic artist. His other ongoing projects include Cream City Media, the world's only progressive, hardcore zydeco band, Preomnor, and the radio show The Anti.
Kevin Christainson
Kevin Christensen rocks the drums for powerhouse Milwaukee groups, De La Buena and Extra Crispy Brass Band, while also running the daily operations of the global Bongers business.

He works with incarcerated and underserved, inner city youth through Express Yourself Milwaukee and produces multimedia with the Milwaukee Visionaries Project.

In collaboration with NTSC, he is the primary producer for the upcoming EP, The Black Hand.
Mike Ritter
Mike Ritter is bassist extraordinaire and funk-inducer supreme. He boasts too many credits throughout the city and nationally to be listed here.

A few include acclaimed jazz ensemble, The Milwaukee Hot Club, a fellowship with the Deadman's Carnival, and an extended engagement with Always Patsy Cline.
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